During rest day of the tournament, September 21, Asia League launched Asia League Fest which brought together the distinctive musical styles of China, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Chinese Taipei with a stellar evening of music and entertainment featuring top Asian artists. The event featured known artists such as MC Jin, James Reid, Jess Connelly, Minzy, Julia Wu, Motherbasss, Blacklist Music and Soler.




MC Jin

MC Jin, is a Hong Kong American rapper, songwriter

Born and raised in the United States, MC Jin, rose to fame for winning seven consecutive freestyle battles on BET’s, an American TV network, Freestyle Friday programme. The Hong Kong-American rapper will be returning to Asia and taking the stage at Asia League Fest, as the closing artiste for the evening.


James Reid

Filipino-Australian singer and songwriter

Filipino-Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer, James Reid, began his route of fame after being crowned Big Winner in the Philippine reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother, in 2010.

Reid will be performing at the Asia League Fest alongside Filipino singers, Sam Concepcion and Bret Jackson.


Jess Connelly

Manila R&B star

Philippine R&B star, Jess Connelly, is an independent artiste from Manila. The lyricist and singer, released her first EP in 2016, landing her on Spotify’s 2017 “Artist’s to Watch” list. She has performed at venues around Asia, and will be performing the Asia League Fest in Macau.



Former member of group 2NE1

Minzy is KPOP’s beloved and respected “Queen of Dance”, and a multi-platinum global pop sensation from Seoul, South Korea. Her solo EP, Minzy Works 01, debuted in 2017 charting to the top of the iTunes global charts. Minzy is celebrated as the best female dancer in KPOP, with vocals to match, and for her fire-y stage presence. She was 1/4 of the KPOP female super group “2NE1” that broke world records, toured sold-out stadium shows around the world and received the MTV Music Award’s “Band of the Year” as the lead dancer and vocals before she split from the group in 2016.

Minzy is also very conscious about humanitarian efforts and charitable giving. A portion of her album sales is donated to charity and she participates in concerts, events and causes in Asia promoting various organizations regularly.

Julia WU

Australian and Chinese singer

Taiwan-Based Australian singer Julia Wu released her debut EP and album in 2017, following her recent pursuit of a music degree at the Berklee College of Music. Wu has ever since, been developing her music, exploring new directions and languages, and gained her recognition after her performance at the Australian X-Factor and Korean reality show “Miss Korea Season 2”.

Wu will be performing at the Asia League Fest alongside Taiwan DJ – DJ RGRY.



Philippine DJ

MOTHERBASSS is a DJ & Drummer duo comprised of DJ Nix Damn P (@nixdamnp) and Macky Brillantes of Stick Figgas (@hoytuska). For years, they have been in the music scene separately, until they decided grouped together in 2012 to blast bassss one tune at a time. Expect high energy performance with this duo every, event as they’re capable of providing high power to the crowd through their instruments.


Blacklist Music

Local Macau artists

Local Macau rapper group, Blacklist Music, consists of 10 local artistes. Since it was founded, in 2011, Blacklist Music has been developing their music to portray different perceptions and attitudes towards life and the society.Blacklist Music will be performing at the Asia League Fest alongside Chinese DJ – DJ Patrick.