Fubon Braves

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Entering into their fifth season in the Super Basketball League this December, the Fubon Braves are looking to return to championship form after a deep run in the playoffs. Last season, the team finished fifth overall in the Super Basketball League after the regular season under their new head coach, Hsu Chin-che. The team may be relatively new, but coach Hsu is a legend for his time with the Chinese Taipei basketball team.



The Braves scraped and crawled their way into the playoffs last year, but they carried newfound momentum and used coach Hsu’s strategy to reach the finals. This year, the Braves return to Asia League looking to avenge last year’s early elimination. Coach Hsu previously led Chinese Taipei on legendary streaks in numerous basketball tournaments, dethroning previous champions and establishing himself as a household name during the process. Coach Hsu will have the team playing lightning quick offense and stifling opponents on defense.



With a young and talented roster, the Braves have become a bigger, stronger and faster team. Last year, they led the SBL in points and rebounds per game. Pairing a brash and bold defense with an offense that can blow by anybody, the Braves are poised for a deep run in this year’s tournament. High percentage shooting and smart plays is the name of the game, and that’s the strategy the Braves employ.




Lin Chih-Wei, former first pick of the 2014 SBL draft, signed with the Braves last year. The team was thrilled to be bringing in the previous season’s MVP of the All-Star game and a major scoring threat. He didn’t disappoint and fit into coach Hsu’s offense quickly. He even set an SBL scoring record by scoring 55 points in an All-Star game.


Tsai Wen-Cheng, the captain of the Fubon Braves, is no stranger when it comes to championships. He’s won two SBL finals MVPs and has been named to multiple. After joining the Fubon Braves in 2016, his outstanding performance secured his place on the All-SBL team once again. Last season, he averaged 11.9 points and 7.6 rebounds led the Braves all the way to the finals as the 5th seed.


Finally, the Braves bring their own dose of Linsanity to Macao, with the former rookie of the year from 2016 and All-SBL team last year, Joseph Lin. He led the team in steals and assists per game in the postseason and is instrumental to the team’s success.


Number Player Position Born
00 Ping-Hung Li Shooting guard, Point guard 3/11/1989
1 Joseph Lin Shooting guard, Point guard 21/6/1992
3 Chang Tsung-Hsien Shooting guard, Point guard 27/12/1988
5 Shaquille Keith Power forward, Small forward 7/9/1993
9 Kuo Shao-Chieh Shooting guard, Point guard 9/4/1990
10 Steven Guinchard Shooting guard, Point guard 4/7/1993
11 Hsiao Shun-Yi Power forward, Small forward 23/10/1992
13 Lin Meng-Hsueh Power forward, Small forward 14/10/1992
14 Tsai Wen-Cheng Power forward, Small forward 31/5/1985
15 Lin Chi-Wei Centre 10/7/1990
16 Wu Hung-Hsing Centre 21/10/1989
23 Li Ying-Fong Power forward, Small forward 1/7/1993
24 Hung Chih-Shan Shooting guard, Point guard 5/7/1985
30 Liu Weir-Chern Power forward, Small forward 27/11/1988
33 Daniel Orton Centre 8/6/1990
91 Tsai Yang-Ming Power forward, Small forward 8/1/1995
Hsu Chin Che Head Coach