Nagoya Diamond Dolphins

About Team



Nagoya Diamond Dolphins has a storied and rich history. The team was founded in 1950 as Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s men’s basketball team located in the Nagoya Factory. In 1973, the team entered the National Corporate Basketball League’s second division and were later promoted to the first division in 1984 when they won the title in the second division. They won the Emperor’s Cup in 1989 and 1990. It wasn’t until 2007 that they changed their name from “Melco Dolphins” to “Diamond Dolphins,” as diamonds are known for their unique physical qualities such as strength and durability.



The team was indeed durable last year. It was head coach Shingo Kajiyama’s first year in control and he led the Dolphins to a second place finish in the Central Conference. The Dolphins earned a spot in the post-season, but fell to the Ryukyu Golden Kings in the Quarter-Finals.



Coach Kajiyama will lead the team in The Terrific 12 and has no shortage of talent to work with. The team’s average age is 27 years old, with more and more young stars stepping into big roles. Tenketsu Harimoto, a Japan national player, is the team’s captain this year. Supporting him as vice captain is point guard Takaya Sasayama. Justin Burrell returns to the team for his 4th season. He’s a big physical presence for the team and its top scorer, scoring 826 points last season.




This summer, the Diamond Dolphins also signed Markeith Cummings. Markeith was a member of the Seoul Samsung Thunders last year and was known for his viscious dunks in last year’s The Super 8. He’s a strong addition for the team. In 53 games for Seoul, he averaged 19.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game.


Number Player Position Born
34 Craig Brackins Power forward, Small forward, Centre 10/9/1987
18 Toshihiro Nakatsuka Shooting guard, Point guard, Power forward, Small forward 4/18/1986
13 Kohei Kasai Shooting guard, Point guard 8/12/1993
12 Taito Nakahigashi Shooting guard, Point guard 6/18/1992
9 Shuto Ando Shooting guard, Point guard 6/13/1994
6 Manato Kikuchi Power forward, Small forward 6/18/1989
3 Jotaro Mitsuda Shooting guard, Point guard, Power forward, Small forward 4/18/1994
2 Markeith Cummings Power forward, Small forward 12/21/1988
0 Ryota Kobayashi Shooting guard, Point guard 9/12/1991
Shingo Kajiyama Head Coach