Shandong Xiwang

About Team



Shandong is becoming notorious for making huge splashes in the offseason. Two years ago, they signed Norris Cole and Jason Thompson. This year it was Ty Lawson and Donatas Motiejunas. On paper, they’re one of the strongest teams in the league. NBA Summer League phenom, Ding Yanyuhang was named the domestic MVP for the second year straight and is developing into a probable NBA draft pick.



Donatas Motiejunas stepped in and played well for the team immediately. He’s a big physical presence that moves very well and fits well with the team’s fast-paced offense. Ty Lawson was unstoppable at times. He was always a step ahead of the competition and spread the ball well for his first time playing with this cast. It’s clear, however, that the team goes as Ding Yanyuhang goes. He’s capable of putting up 40 points a night. Had he not injured his calf in the semi-finals they could have very well been playing for a championship.



Shandong is trying to keep all pieces intact and opted to retain Serbian coach Aleksandar Kesar for another year at the helm. His seat will be hotter than ever. They have already re-signed Donatas Motiejunas and brought in Andrew Goudelock to replace Ty Lawson from last year. Ding’s time may be coming to an end as he’s becoming more and more invested in his NBA dream and the team knows it’s now or never.




Forward Jia Cheng is nearly as big as Tao Hanlin, but brings another element to his game. Jia Cheng has been continuously developing his shot and has become a deep threat that opposing teams have to respect. Last year, he shot close to 40% from beyond the arch.


Number Player Position Born
3 Andrew Goudelock Shooting guard, Point guard 12/7/1988
4 Zhang Hui Shooting guard, Point guard 1/18/1996
5 Pan Ning Power forward, Small forward 12/6/1995
7 Li Honghan Shooting guard, Point guard 8/8/1995
9 Zhang Qungpeng Shooting guard, Point guard 3/28/1981
10 Li Lin Power forward, Small forward 5/6/1988
12 Donatas Motiejunas Centre 9/20/1990
15 Wu Ke Centre 1/5/1990
17 Wen Yanhang Shooting guard, Point guard 3/17/1995
24 Wang Ruheng Shooting guard, Point guard 2/24/1990
27 Zhang Chunjun Power forward, Small forward 8/24/1987
32 Jia Cheng Power forward, Small forward 10/12/1991
35 Zhu Rongzhen Centre 5/19/1999
38 Wu Nan Power forward, Small forward 8/10/1989