Hyundai MOBIS Phoebus

About Team



Ulsan Hyundai MOBIS Phoebus won their first championship in the Korean Basketball League in 1997, and from then on the team’s performance has been nothing short of legendary. Hyundai MOBIS Phoebus owns one of the greatest dynasties in KBL history. Their storied history contains six championships, the most of any KBL team. Five of their six championships, and the only three-peat in KBL history, have come under the helm of legendary head coach, Yoo Jae Hak. In 2018, he also became the first KBL coach to reach 600 career wins.



After years of dominating the KBL and winning three consecutive championships from 2012-2015, MOBIS has hit a bit of a speed bump. They’re still a top four team in the KBL, but haven’t made it back to the finals since 2016.



Hyundai MOBIS Phoebus enters their first Asia League competition with their most competitive roster ever.




Ra Gunah (Ricardo Ratliffe), a naturalized player, started his KBL career with Hyundai MOBIS Phoebus and was a major contributor to their three consecutive championships. For the past six seasons, he’s averaged 18.3 points and 10.3 rebounds per game. He also won the KBL’s top foreign player award twice. He’s back and ready to pick up where he left off with Hyundai MOBIS.


New stars are also emerging under coach Yoo Jae Hak. Lee Jonghyun, is a promising 24 year old Center. He averaged 10.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.6 blocks last season and is ready to showcase more of what he can do.


Number Player Position Born
4 Moon Taejong Power forward, Small forward 12/1/1975
6 Yang Dong Geun Shooting guard, Point guard 9/14/1981
8 Son Hong Jun Shooting guard, Point guard 9/17/1995
9 Park Kyung Sang Shooting guard, Point guard 5/20/1990
11 Bae Soo Yone Power forward, Small forward 4/18/1992
12 Ham Ji Hoon Power forward, Small forward 12/11/1984
13 Kim Dong Ryang Centre 11/11/1987
20 Ra Gunah Centre 2/20/1989
21 Oh Yong Jun Power forward, Small forward 7/12/1980
24 Shannon Shorter Shooting guard, Point guard 8/1/1989
22 D J Johnson Centre 10/8/1993
32 Lee Jong Hyun Centre 2/5/1994
41 Nam Young Gil Shooting guard, Point guard 5/20/1995
43 Lee Dae Sung Shooting guard, Point guard 5/30/1990
Yoo Jae Hak Head Coach