Xinjiang Flying Tigers

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When this team gets going, they’re almost impossible to stop. You go high; they go low. You cover this guy; they go to that guy. You contain this; they exploit that. Under Coach Goorjian, this team plays aggressive defense and ups the pace. They like to light up the scoreboard like a pinball machine.



The 2017-2018 season was a trying year for the Flying Tigers. Andray Blatche was injured for the majority of the season and they were without star Center, Zhou Qi, who left for the NBA with the Houston Rockets. Despite their foreign import struggles, the team’s strong Chinese talent carried them to a top six seed going into the playoffs following the 2017-2018 CBA regular season.



After a disappointing early exit in the playoffs following the 2017-2018 regular season, the club brought in new management and a new coaching staff. Brian Goorjian takes over as Head Coach for the 2018-2019 season. After two decades playing and coaching professionally in Australia, Coach Goorjian accumulated multiple awards including six NBL Coach of the Year and six NBL championships. Coach Goorjian has also spent time coaching with the Chinese National Team as well as the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and 2006 FIBA World Championships with Australia.




Xinjiang has made some major changes to get back to championship form. In addition to bringing in Brian Goorjian and his new coaching staff, they also signed former McDonald’s All-American and 15th overall pick by the Boston Celtics, Al Jefferson. Al will make his debut with the Xinjiang Tigers. He’s spent his entire career (14 years) in the NBA. He has previously played for the Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers. He’ll play alongside Darius Adams, who won the championship with the Tigers just two years ago and led the CBA in scoring last year with 40.1 points per game.


Xinjiang arguably has the most talented cadre of Chinese players in the league. Li Gen is one of the most dynamic Forwards in the league. He’s a 110-kg big man with a consistent outside shot and fantastic vision. After an injury-plagued season last year, he’ll look to bounce back early in The Terrific 12.


Number Player Position Born
1 Li Gen Power forward, Small forward 15/8/1988
4 Darius Adams Shooting guard, Point guard 17/4/1989
6 Zeng Lingxu Shooting guard, Point guard 12/4/1987
7 Yu Changdong Power forward, Small forward 26/10/1991
8 Hou Peizuo Power forward, Small forward 11/5/1999
10 Deng Qunfei Shooting guard, Point guard 28/1/1999
12 Liu Yunan Shooting guard, Point guard 18/11/1994
13 Makam Kelanbaike Power forward, Small forward 27/9/1992
14 Abudushalamu Abudurexiti Power forward, Small forward 20/5/1996
16 Jiang Wen Shooting guard, Point guard 22/1/1996
17 Fan Ziming Centre 29/4/1998
18 Tang Caiyu Shooting guard, Point guard 8/8/1997
25 Al Jefferson Centre 4/1/1985
27 Chou Yi-Hsiang Shooting guard, Point guard 4/2/1991
30 Wang Zirui Shooting guard, Point guard 28/3/1993
55 Sun Tonglin Centre 23/12/1992
Brian Goorjian Head Coach