Zhejiang Guangsha Lions

About Team



Zhejiang Guangsha finished first in the regular season, and at times looked worlds ahead of every other team in the league. They’ve been a top five team in the CBA for the past few years, and took a huge step last year to finish with a 31-7 record. They were tested during the playoffs after their first and second round battles against Shenzhen and Shandong took them to the very end of the series. They made their way to the finals against the number two seed, Liaoning Flying Leopards. However, they were swept by Liaoning during the finals.



Guangsha played very well in the first half of the season, occupying the top spot for a significant period of time. Courtney Fortson took home the foreign import MVP award and averaged an astonishing 32 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists per game. They were among league leaders in both scoring and points allowed. They’ve established themselves a powerhouse and after falling to the Chiba Jets in last year’s The Super 8, the Lions are back for revenge. Guangsha’s roster is filled with young talent. Hu Jinqiu is a fan favorite and finished second in domestic MVP voting last season. He has been training with the national team this summer, developing an even stronger all around game. There’s plenty more where that came from with dunk contest sensation, Sun Minghui. The sharpshooter, Zhao Yanhao, was nicknamed “The Chinese Curry.” Su Ruoyu is one of the toughest defenders in the league and that’s just the start. This team’s roster runs deep with stars.



The team is relatively unchanged from last year and they are back with more experience and a finals appearance. The team’s head coach, Li Chunjiang, was signed through the next five years. Li is a legendary coach who previously coached Guangdong Winnerway for ten years and helped build their dynasty. His success there has earned him a reputation for developing young players. He’ll be the only Chinese Head Coach amongst the Chinese teams participating.




They have retained Chinese Taipei star Lin Chih-chieh, who is also the team captain, nicknamed “Beast.” He’s now 36 years old and on the final year of his contract. They also opted to bring back both foreign imports. Courtney Fortson and Ioannis Bourousis will look to get the momentum going early. It’s championship or bust for this team.



Ioannis Bourousis makes his return to the lineup for his second year with the team. The 215cm Center has won everywhere he’s been, accumulating a long list of accoldaes such as: EuroLeague Champion, Spanish League Champion, Greek League Champion and multiple MVP awards. He helped the Lions reach the finals during his first season and will look to pick up steam early in The Terrific 12.


Number Player Position Born
4 Courtney Fortson Shooting guard, Point guard 23/5/1988
5 Su Ruoyu Centre 2/12/1991
8 Li Bin Shooting guard, Point guard 25/5/1995
9 Li Jinglong Shooting guard, Point guard 15/3/1995
11 Liu Cheng Power forward, Small forward 24/11/1990
12 Ju Peng Centre 13/1/1990
13 Li Jinxiao Centre 16/4/1997
15 Zhao Tianyi Power forward, Small forward 6/4/1995
17 Sun Minghui Shooting guard, Point guard 26/4/1996
25 Zhao Yanhao Shooting guard, Point guard 25/10/1997
27 Lin Chih-chieh Shooting guard, Point guard 11/6/1982
29 Ioannis Bourosis Centre 17/11/1983
30 Zhao Dapeng Shooting guard, Point guard 7/8/1990
Li Chunjiang Head Coach